In the post- war Italy, there was a great desire of rebirth, revenge and a great excitement. I was thinking of a service for those arriving in Milan from abroad, with a need to get around the city, even across the state, at ease and with a driver capable of communicating not only in Italian. The answer to this new need was not the taxi. I tried to give an answer:  A representative chauffeur service, capable of a good image, safety and dynamism, a valuable tool capable of combining the various needs of that time.

This is how the Cagnato Chauffeur Service was founded.

Giuseppe Cagnato

In the 90’s, Giuseppe’s son Fabio inherited the company, and converting it in Cagnato Chauffeur Service Ltd.Over the years the company has expanded, yet maintaining its family run characteristic. This value has guaranteed en excellent chauffeur service, able to offer a personalized approach to the client.

The management

Honorary president

Giuseppe Cagnato,

Awarded in 1985 with the Gold Medal of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan

Managing director

Fabio Cagnato